Pagination is available on endpoints returning object lists. Defaults and maximum page sizes are endpoint-dependent, but can return up to 40,000 rows with gzip compression enabled.


  • limit: Sets the maximum object count to return; varies per endpoint.
  • cursor: Retrieves the next page; found in the next field. Cursors may expire after a number of days, leading to an error response.

Important note: There are some scenarios where you may receive more or less than the requested limit. This is partially due to limitations of telematics providers. Please ensure you rely on the presence of next rather than the item count to know when you’ve reached the last page. This is something we plan to improve in the future.


A next field is present if more objects are available, containing the cursor for the next page. If no more objects exist, next will not be defined in the response.


  "next": "sdfjsdlfkKLDJDFSjil23rjsdlkfj209jdsfoisndlsfn0ij09df",
  "results": [
      "id": "vcl_1234567890",
      "name": "Kenworth T680",
      "status": "active"
      // ...