Some of Terminal’s endpoints return an extensions property that enables you to retreive enriched data provided by third-party vendors. This enriched data would allow you to have more contextual information about your data.

Supported Extensions

HERE Technologies Logo HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies specializes in mapping technologies and location based services. It can be used to obtain rich location content such as route matching, speed limits, weather and traffic patterns.



It’s important to note that you will only be able to see the data provided by extensions if you have enabled that specific extension for your application.

Please let us know if you are interested in enabling a supported extension for your application.


When making a GET call to a supported endpoint, you will be able to retreive the common model as well as an additional extensions property that includes data obtained from all supported extensions that you have enabled.

Example Response

Here’s an example of a request to /safety/events

  "id": "id_pfx_01HQVHPWZ0NAV064NK9CZSCJ3V",
  "type": "distracted",
  "sourceId": "2038980691",
  "provider": "surfsight",
  "stats": {
    "averageSpeed": 88.42
  "driver": "drv_01HQVFS4J4Z5SB7DTSN90J4SHG",
  "vehicle": "vcl_01HQVFS7S4GXAA229039KDZ56S",
  "startLocation": {
    "latitude": 37.81606797,
    "longitude": -122.25164267
  "extensions": {
    "here": {
      "speedLimitSource": "posted",
      "speedLimit": 105,
      "truckSpeedLimit": 88
  "startedAt": "2024-02-29T23:09:48.000Z"