Prerequisites You must have a valid sandbox secret and publishable key to follow guide. Reach out to us at to get access.

Video Walkthrough πŸŽ₯

Here’s a quick video walkthrough of the steps below:

Instructions βœ”οΈ

  1. Download our Postman collection and import it into Postman

  2. Launch the Link to create a new connection

    • Replace {PUBLISHABLE_KEY} and navigate to the Link URL{PUBLISHABLE_KEY}&backfill_days=2&
  3. Select the Sandbox provider

  4. Enter any value as an API Key to create a connection

  5. Wait to be re-directed to the redirect_url with a token appended to the URL

  6. Take the public token appended to the redirected page and copy it to your clipboard

  7. Exchange public token for a long-lived connection token

  8. Poll until the initial sync is complete

You can also subscribe to sync.complete webhooks (docs) to know when syncs are complete.

  1. List synced vehicles
  2. Explore the rest πŸš€

Possible Next Steps